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Scroll Air Compressors

Scroll compressors provides 100% clean air and is a quiet and reliable type of oil free air compressor. Pressure occurs gradually through the combined action of one stationary and one orbiting scroll. The air is sucked from the side of the air-end, rotor seals the compression chamber and air is compressed gradually along with rotor movement and compression chamber becomes smaller, the compressed air is discharged from the air outlet in the middle. This is a continuous processes, the scroll compressor provides pulsation free delivery of compressed air. Why not consider switching over to Scroll from Piston!


MULTI DRIVE CONTROL - Depending on the air requirement, the PC board controls the running of the number of scroll heads. This function not only saves energy but also optimises the operation by keeping the required pressure.

This compressor compresses air by the scroll head which generates a LOW NOISE level between the range of 60dB to 75dB, similar to the library and meeting room environment.

The scroll compressor have very LOW VIBRATION, that when placing pencils in standing position on the compressor top panel, they remain standing even during operation.

This scroll compressor can be SPACE SAVING by installing it flat against the wall.

Well designed structure enables EASY MAINTENANCE. The replacement of air filter only needed at every 2,500 hrs or 1 year, whichever comes first.

Oil-Injected | Energy-Efficient
Water-Injected | Scroll
Zero Air Loss Auto Drain

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