Air Compressor

An air compressor is a device that converts power into potential energy stored in pressurised air, i.e. compressed air. Air compressors are used in all industries: - textile, electronic, automotive, iron & steel, food & beverage, petroleum & petrochemical, automation, etc.® Air Compressors are unique screw and scroll designs that cater to our region climate and are energy efficient.


Customized air filter with two-stage filtering system. Oil filters from MANN-FILTER to purify oil of dirt and solid particles.
HIGH QUALITY aluminium fins and copper coil materials with effective heat dissipation to ensure the perfect cooling efficiency.
HANBELL Air-End with their own patented profile to enhance the volume efficiency and displacement, and reduce the vibration & noise.
OPTIMUM system design to reduce pressure drops and save energy. Acoustic enclosures reduce sound levels.
ABB electrical control system providing a reliable air compressor operation with proper labelled wiring.
Compressor controller using MAM-6090 touch screen controller or CMC with Internet of Things (IoT) function.
Denmark DANFOSS pressure sensor and Italy ODE solenoid valve ensuring stable running operation of air compressors.
SKF bearings are selected for their robustness because of the enduring environment the air compressor motor is being operated in.
High efficiency ZODA motor with IP54 protection (against particles and fair amount of protection against water) and Class F insulation.
INOVANCE inverter is used with our variable frequency screw air compressors. VSD improves energy saving efficiency.

Oil-Injected | Energy-Efficient
Water-Injected | Scroll
Zero Air Loss Auto Drain


Oil-Injected | Energy-Efficient
Water-Injected | Scroll
Zero Air Loss Auto Drain

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